Developing more sustainable
solutions for industries.

Unlock the potential of bio-based value chains

AGC Vinythai works with companies and academic partners on the development of biomaterials and actively supports the development of green chemistry around the world. Many of these innovative partnerships focus on increasing the bio-based content of coatings and epoxy resins. Examples include substituting Bisphenol-A (BPA) to create epoxy resins with higher bio-based content for a range of applications in coatings and advanced composites, as well as working with bio-based phenolics to create 100% bio-based epoxy resins for coatings in food and beverage packaging, as well as bio-based composite materials for sporting equipment, aeronautics and the automotive industry.

The potential of lignin is being explored in a project with Michigan State University (MSU) to look at the suitability of different lignins to replace Bisphenol-A in bio-based epoxy resins, resulting in 100% bio-based resins. The results of this work were published in January 2021 ‘Choosing the Right Lignin to Fully Replace Bisphenol A in Epoxy Resin Formulation’.