Bio-based Epichlorohydrin
from 100% renewable carbon.

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EPINITY® is 100% bio-based ECH from renewable glycerine produced by AGC Vinythai Public Company Limited. The renewable glycerine derived from vegetable oil is a by-product from biodiesel and oleochemical production.

EPINITY® offers significant environmental advantages with drop-in properties. It can be used as a direct replacement for petro-based ECH with no need to reformulate or change manufacturing process.

EPINITY®’s value chain

We produce EPINITY®, a drop-in ECH with ≥ 99.9% purity.


EPINITY® is mainly used as a precursor to epoxy resins with applications in protective coatings, electronic components, adhesives and advanced composite materials. Other applications outside of epoxy resins include intermediate chemicals for paper and water treatment, mild surfactants in personal care, elastomers and other fine chemical applications.